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Yugo Log Book Translations
« on: April 07, 2018, 12:38:10 PM »
 thankyou1   Really want to recognize Bob78 here for all the work put into these translations.....    I hope this will help others with similar log books.     thankyou1

FYI - The page numbers may not line up with your book, this is just the page order in my particular book.

Outer Hard Cover:

Soft Cover:

Warranty. It is written that repair cost will be paid by manufacturer 12 months from date of manufacture if rifle had been used, or 24 months if it would be in storage. Due dates are 31.10.1974 and 1975 (31st of October written European style), so this would mean it was made on 10/31/1973. It has been sold in 1975 (datum prodaje = sale date), but it is not stated who the buyer was. It was probably some state owned factory or corporation (all of them in Yugoslavia used to be state owned anyway). Factories, companies, etc. used to have armories or even AA guns in case of sudden attack.

Page 3:

Technical logbook - chart (tehnicka knjizica - karton)
semiautomatic rifle 7,62mm ... (poluautomatska puska ...) - in brackets is written name, caliber and model
series and number (serija i broj)
date of manufacture (datum izrade)
origin: Yugoslavian (poreklo: Jugoslovensko)
Technical state after manufacture (tehnicko stanje posle izrade)
new made after TU... (novo izrađeno po...)
conservation data (podaci o konzervaciji)
nomenclature number (nomenklaturni broj)
conservation agent (sredstva za konzerviranje) - ZUON J INHIBITOR was cosmoline type
type of conservation: mid-term (vrsta konzervacije: srednjorocna)
conservation due: 2 years (rok trajanja konzervacije: 2 godini)
date, signature...

Page 4/5:

category (kategozija)
number of document (broj dokumenta)
date (datum)
designated category (odredena kategorija)
signature of person, who entered the data (potpis lica koje je unelo podatke)
handover and acceptance data (podaci o primopredaji)
name of institution or unit that is accepting technical item (Naziv ustanove...) - SM Ljubljana Uprava za LO, which means  Municipal assembly of Ljubljana (now capital of Slovenia), Office of people's defense.
who it was handover from (od koga je primljeno) - Zavodi CZ Kragujevac means Institution Crvena Zastava Kragujevac, which is factory that made M59/66 rifles
date (datum)
signature (potpis)

Page 7:

Data about time spent in various conditions of storage or use (Podaci o vremenu provedenom....)
Type of facility in which it is stored - used (vrsta objekta u kome se cuva - upotrebljava)
date (datum)
from / to (od / do)
conservation (konzervacija) - "olje or ulje" is gun oil, "dugorocna sa SZN-M" means longterm with cosmoline
deconservation (dekonzervacija) - solvent is solvent 
signature (potpis)
In first columne we have some interesting data:  Na ZTV Jesen 74 means On army maneuvers Fall 1974. Few after that I can not understand (some military gibberish), magazin or magacin is storage.

Page 22:

Barrel condition (Stanje cevi)
date of inspection (datum pregleda)
number and marking of the barrel (broj i oznaka cevi)
caliber (kalibar)
degree of barrel corrosion (postotak nagrizenosti)
category (kategorija)
signature (potpis)

Page 26:

technical inspections (tehnicki pregledi)
date (datum)
type of inspection (vrsta pregleda) - it is written 2nd technical inspection (II. teh. pregled) in all columns
use in kilometers or working hours (rad tehnickog sredstva u km ili mc) - military logbooks were universal for rifles or for example vehicles. Here it is written SZN-M, which is type of yugo oil based cosmoline, used for 10 year storage.
comment (primedba) - it is written isp. which is short for ispravna, or flawless. Brezhibna means the same, but it is in Slovenian language, as rifle was stationed in Slovenia, most northern part of ex Yugoslavia.
signature (podpis)
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Re: Yugo Log Book Translations
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interesting stuff. don't have one  cry1, but thanks for sharing. thumb1