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Vintage shotgun refinished


I don't know why but I have a thing for old working man's shotguns. Kind of like my wife loves purses I guess, I don't need anymore but they keep following me home. I saw this old unloved rust bucket at my LGS, a Stevens 820B. The barrel stamp showed it to be from 1950, the furniture was nice, and the $80 dollar price tag was perfect for a project gun.

I stripped the rust with Evaporust and it worked better than I thought it would.

A lot of steel wool and scotch-brite followed with some of Brownell's Oxpho-blue and it does look much better, not perfect but for a first time resto I am pleased.

Nice work/results!

I'm with ya on old working man's shotguns. Putting food on the table, protecting the family and all the while getting drug through the brush and mud then tossed in the seat of the truck...all the while being a useful important tool. I might even have a lil old 12 ga collection myself  8)

Good work man, That puppy has years worth of use/enjoyment left  thumb1

Very respectable restoration.  For 80 bucks what's not to luv about it now :)

Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments. It was a fun little project.

Wouldn't you know it today I wandered up to Gander Mountain with a 15% coupon in my hand and found one of my grail guns, a pre-war Winchester model 12.  It just needs a new buttplate. That one will be cleaned and shot, nothing more.


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