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So I did a thing and bought another new Mossberg!

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So I did a thing and bought this today from Bud's Gunshop.  It's model number is 50774 it has the 18.5" barrel 6+1 and is a 590a1. Unfortunately it was not under their qualified professionals list of discounted guns but they did price match me on another website. 

Stock photo

carls sks:
nice!  thumb1  now something else I will have to check out.  Besplode

Is that a rail on the bottom of the pump? Going to install a short flashlight on the bottom?


--- Quote from: Phosphorus32 on March 17, 2017, 01:15:09 PM ---Is that a rail on the bottom of the pump? Going to install a short flashlight on the bottom?

--- End quote ---

It is. I'm probably not going to like that forend. I'll probably go with a magpul forend. I like those real well on shotguns!


It finally arrived yesterday at my ffl! I checked it out. The sights were straight, safety worked, slide action button worked, I fed it some snap caps and it ejected them with authority. I thought sks's were bad. This thing was packed in a thick grease almost like cosmoline. I just did a cursory wipe down there at the store. I was able to confirm prior to it arriving that it has the Mossberg accuchoke system. It comes with a cylinder bore choke installed and comes with the wrench. I ordered me an improved cylinder choke for it and it is enroute. After the cursory wipe down I boxed it back up in the double boxes that it came in and drove to the FedEx hub and shipped it off to Aimpro Tactical in Conifer Colorado, to have their action job and forcing cone lengthened, polished and back bored. I get a 10% leo discount so I thought why not? I've always wanted a custom 590a1 and I'm making it happen. When it gets back I am going to be sending the barrel off to magnaport to have it ported. I will get a 15% leo discount on that as well. All these mods will do the following.

1. Tighten the patterns
2. Reduce the recoil
3. Keep the muzzle down for quicker follow up shots
4. Make the action silky smooth
5. Ensure reliable feeding.

Thus far I have the following parts here or in route.
1. Magpul 590 Moe forend-here
2. GG&G 590 stainless follower -here
3. GG&G front ambidextrous sling loop-here
4. S&J Hardware flush fit for 18.5" barrels +2 4140 steel magazine extension-enroute from Canada this will give me 7 in the tube and 1 in the chamber for 8 rounds out of an 18.5" barrel
5. Enhanced safety-enroute
6. Improved cylinder choke-enroute
7. Tacstar side saddle-enroute I'll only be using the metal backing plate.

I have not decided yet if I am going to go with the magpul sga stock yet or not. I probably will though. If not and it works out to where this new enhanced safety can be manipulated smoothly on and off in a sweeping motion with my fingers much in the same way say an AK safety is with a pistol grip stock then I will take the Mesa tactical leo adapter, enidine hydraulic recoil buffer tube, magpul miad grip, and magpul ctr with Limbsaver butt pad off my 500 and run them on this 590 a1. This is the setup I'm hoping for.

The only things I'll have left to do after the barrel porting are as follows.
1. Cerakote over park the barrel, mag tube extension, and mag tube magpul flat dark earth
2. Cerakote over alodine the receiver. Magpul flat dark earth
3. Have the magpul forend cerakoted and baked magpul od green.
4. Install all parts!

I'll get a 20% leo discount on this.

The last three things I'll purchase once it's back from paint are as follows

1. Inforce wmlx 500 lumen light that I'll mount on the front of the magpul forend. I like this setup for the ergonomics.
2. SOE Gear 2 point to 1 point convertible sling.
3. Esstac 7 shot velcro shotgun cards.

I'll keep you all updated with pics during the processes.

FYI for those curious I've found cerakote over park to be durable as all get out. The park grabs a hold of the cerakote and doesn't want to let go which gives better adhesion and superior durability.

Also, for aluminum I've found none better then to alodine first and then cerakote. This does exactly what park does on steel parts except this is on aluminum!


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