Author Topic: Remington model 11 - original or modified?  (Read 8825 times)

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Remington model 11 - original or modified?
« on: November 29, 2016, 12:29:51 PM »
 So I saw the previous thread about the same weapon and thought I'd add mine in a separate thread so not to confuse things.

I have this Remington model 11:

Here is a full set of pix, ... you can click on a pic and it has a zoom feature.

My questions, (hopefully "Bunker" reads this!) are numerous.

(1) Is the shotgun "original", as delivered by the Remington factory, to the U.S. Ordnance Corps?

(2) Were these shotguns configured/fitted to the .50 cal rear hardware by a U.S. armorer?, AFTER having received the weapon into Army hands? I ask as it "seems" to me that these, or at least mine is for the most part a civilian arm. The receiver and bolt, other than the markings and "military finish" are sporting/civilian market in looks.

(3) What is my barrel date? As you can see, my serial # does not match that of the receiver but I have the feeling that this is exactly how it left the factory. The finish match is too good for it not to be... unless of course it isn't! And on the subject of finish, could you call this "Du-Lite" blue? like Remington Rand used on it's early 1911A1s? Because that's how it looks for sure... I have a couple of .45s finished in Du-Lite.

(4)  "If" the choke is NOT an original factory installed item, did an armorer do it? Or is this a civilian mod?

(5) I've included some pix of the recoil spring mech. and "how" the two washers (one steel, and one brass) are/were on it when I got the gun, to see if indeed they are on the right way! Do please comment on how I have them on the mag tube as to right or WRONG!

This is a really nice, almost crisp shotgun and I thank Bunker for the pix showing at least one (rather obscure) way these were utilized by the military.

Any thoughts or comments appreciated!

                            Regards, mitch