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New Shotgun I bought Norinco (IAC) Hawk 982

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So I bought a new shotgun. It is a Remington 870 clone with all milled parts. Many say this is better built than an 870 due to the fact there are no MIM parts or cast parts on this gun. So I bought it. I didn't buy it through centerfire systems who has these for 174.99+19.99 shipping. Instead I paid about 15.00 more and bought it via Davidson's/Gallery of Guns/Gun Genie through my local pawn shop. The reason being is that Davidson's offers a lifetime replacement/repair warranty on all the firearms they sell.

Norinco (Imported by IAC Interstate Arms Company Billerica MA. Yes the same IAC that imported norinco sks's) Hawk 982

This thing is a tank at 7.5 pounds unloaded!

The best thing about it is that all Remington 870 parts fit perfectly. Except for the forends as the hawk's action bar tube is a little thicker made than the 870 so minor fitting on the forends will be required.

carls sks:
congrats! looks like a good buy to me, you did good.  shotguns are probably the best thing for home defense too.  thumb1


--- Quote from: carls sks on December 20, 2015, 08:54:29 AM ---congrats! looks like a good buy to me, you did good.  shotguns are probably the best thing for home defense too.  thumb1

--- End quote ---

Thank you.

This will go along with my mossberg 500. I had to get one with no mim parts because I have seen to many broken extractors at work on 870's. In fact so much so that we "retired" the 870's and went with pistol grip mossberg's. The 870's are relegated to range qualifications. Even then the extractors still break on them.

Cool shotgun and great price!  thumb1

Interesting info on the Remington 870, as it turns out, it's the only 12 ga I own (paid $300 for one NIB). I might have to look for an after-market replacement for my extractor.  Of course I've only put about 20 rounds through it so no issues to date. I imagine these get 100s to thousands of rounds through them at your qualification range.  Any other known issues with these?  I have it set up with an 18.5 inch barrel and a pistol grip for CQB...I mean home defense  :))

I looked at a few pumps, but settled on this one, the local shop had no idea Cz even offered a pump gun like this. A Cz 612 HC-P, priced around 325, as shown.


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