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Marketplace Rules & Guidelines- READ THIS FIRST!
« on: September 12, 2014, 10:48:55 PM »
1. All items for sale must contain a price. This is not an auction house. If you list something for sale and don't state a price, the ad will be deleted. If an item is listed for trade, list your trade interests.

2. Do not make useless comments in ads. The market place is not a discussion forum. Useless comments include things like "Awesome gun, wish I had the money!", "I can get that gun cheaper on Gunbroker", etc. Questions directly related to the item for sale are fine but DO NOT CHITCHAT IN THE MARKETPLACE!

3. We are a community and we will look out for each other, but in general we feel deals in the marketplace are between two adults, and any issues with the deal should be sorted out privately. If a problem can't be resolved, that's why we have the Feedback section.

4. "I'll take it", stated in the thread is the exact term needed to claim the item. Any "I'll take it" in the thread should trump all messages/negotiations sent via PM, text, or telepathy.

5. Bumping: One bump per 7 days. It's that simple. Abuse it, and your ad will be deleted.

6. This trader is here as a privilege to our members. We are not liable or responsible for mediating any problem with deals. Use at your own risk.

7. Please mark your items sold/gone/traded/closed when the item is no longer available and the deal is done.

8. Leave feedback! The goodness of a man's words and actions are paramount. Let us know when a deal goes down smoothly.
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