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Chinese SKS (Military) / Re: New Pics Just Got My Classic Type 56
« Last post by Larry D. on May 18, 2019, 12:35:08 PM »
I like it.
You did well.
Chinese SKS (Military) / Re: Jungle Stock on 11 million Factory 26 - Canada
« Last post by Larry D. on May 18, 2019, 12:27:15 PM »
There's a guy on the AKFiles that has 4 of this type of stock (with handguard) for sale.
He says they're mint condition.

For my personal tastes, I'm a wood and steel type of guy.
Chinese SKS (Military) / Re: Sight settings
« Last post by Larry D. on May 18, 2019, 12:23:22 PM »

The rear most setting on the sight leaf-- (П, III, 3, D, etc.) -- is the "battle setting." This setting is equivalent to the 300meter setting. In this position, you should be able to hit the enemy from 1-100 meters if you aim at center mass.

Glad you posted this.
I had been told that this was a 200 meter zero.
Introductions / Re: Hello from Massachusetts
« Last post by Larry D. on May 18, 2019, 11:53:00 AM »
Welcome aboard.
Introductions / Re: New SKS owner from PA
« Last post by Larry D. on May 18, 2019, 11:49:57 AM »
Welcome from Arizona.
General Discussion / Re: SKS magazines
« Last post by Wanderson on May 18, 2019, 08:43:12 AM »
Yea Iíve not had any issues running unmodified Tapco 20s although they didnít feed stripper clips as smoothly as the fixed 10. I went back to the fixed 10, best option for bench shooting. And I didnít like having to lock the bolt open if you wanted to swap mags before you shoot the last round.

I put a fixed 20 on my first SKS back in the 90s when they were cheap and it worked great, but theyíre pricey these days. At least Tapcos are cheap.

If the Asian drums run as poorly as my Asian 10 round mag Iíd pass.
One weird thing that China did was name two rifles the Type 56....both the SKS and the Chinese AK ended up getting the same title

It's not the first time 2 totally different weapons share the same title... the US military did it all the time... M1917 Enfield and M1917 Revolver, M3 Grease gun and M3 .30 Carbine, M1941 Johnson machine gun and M1941 Johnson rifle  :)

the 'auto rifle' part indicates these were for the AK T56.

Auto does not always mean automatic..... auto could simply mean.... an auto loading rifle(not a bolt action, the weapon fires and reloads automactily after the first cocking action)......Browning very commonly uses the term auto on semiauto rifles... the Browning BAR, Browning Automatic Rifle, a popular hunting rifle in .300 Win Mag and other cailbers, Browning Auto 5 a semiauto shotgun, or a like a L1A1 SLR.. Self Loading Rifle like a FAL... or FSA....... Fully Semi Automatic.  :o rofl2  chuckles1
Introductions / Re: New SKS owner from PA
« Last post by running-man on May 17, 2019, 11:13:09 AM »
I'm late to the party (been busy lately) but welcome to the Files!  Let us know if you need anything!  thumb1
Very nice one OP, one of the nicer guns out of the whole batch I would say.

I like the leather tab slings as they don't put near as much wear and tear on your bluing and stock.  Both types can be a mother bear to get on and off too.  I'd much rather have a lather tab that I can cut if need be (replacement tabs can be easily had for $1 each) than a coil that I can't.  dance2
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