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Czech ZKM680
« on: March 14, 2024, 12:06:56 AM »
Another Czech, another caliber :) Also known as the Brno Fox, these started production in 1971, there is also a later model known as the Fox II, the only real difference between the two being the front sling hanger is moved from the barrel to the stock. This is the rifle that the Cz527 is based off of, and also the caliber, .222 Remington designed in 1950, is the father of many .22 centerfire cartridges.... the Army tested it and declined it, so Remington split the difference between the .222 and the .222 Remington magnum, in the end, this is the father cartridge to the .223/5.56, also the .221 Fireball, .22-250 and others., expanded, lengthened, shortened, most will trace back to the .222 Remington. The caliber was also was a benchrest record holder for many years, and still fairly common as a varmint round.. also its popular in Europe, its known as the 5.7x43 and not of military caliber. The Fox rifle models also kind of mark the ending of the Brno lineage, ZKMs, ZKKs, ZKBs, the Models 1 thru 5 rimfires,  and the gradual change over to the Cz factory for weaponry in the '64-'66 time frame.

Different sized actions, note the smaller .22 Hornet is labeled 22x35Ho, that was how Brno caliber stamped the first 2 years of production, it's dated '49, later it's marked 22Hornet.

Differences in the 22 Hornet, 222 Remington and 223 Remington.
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Re: Czech ZKM680
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