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vz.61 22lr conversion

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No, I'm not dead and retired.. yet..  thumb1 rofl2

 A piece I've tried getting for over 2 years.. the 22lr conversion kit/complete upper for the vz.61. These are made in very limited quantities and usually sell out pretty quick, also I don't know why a 22lr version of the vz isn't sold here in the states, they are available elsewhere. The conversion itself is made in the Czech Republic by CSA, so it's not an aftermarket type deal. Also, the fit and finish is superb, everything fits tight, there is no pot metal, everything is machined steel like the original parts, just smaller, although it feels like the recoil springs are slightly weaker than the original for the smaller round. The barrel is 4 1/2 inch chrome lined and threaded, they are available either way(threaded was all that was left in stock and my patience was thin chuckles1), and it included 2 25rd magazines(very tight fit should loosen after some cycling hopefully).

Not gonna lie... it's a pricey add-on for a toy, but 22lr is easier to find than 32acp at times.. it doesn't alter the pistol and it works... perfect... I tested 15rds of minimags from both mags.. no jams, no misfeeds, just 30rds of 22lr popping goodness(and a little cussing and violence to get the magazine swapped out..... and then some cleaning.. thumb1 The manual says minimags have been tested to function.. then the disclaimer other brands may work, but it specifically calls out Thunderbolts.. absolutely no bueno.. chuckles1

Now ain't that purty! 8) :P rofl chuckles1 thumb1

Sweet barrel of fun  thumb1 8)

High Noon:
Interesting.....never seen a setup like that before.  thumb1  That's a lot of .22LR!    chuckles1

What does it weigh?  Looks solid and pretty heavy........ Besplode

It looks heavier than it really is, it's actually just a hair under 3 pounds.. about what a healthy American magnum revolver weighs. thumb1


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