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Spring Cleaning P08

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Got the Luger out to clean and decided to post a couple pics

After thinning out the herd Iím down to just this one BYF 42

Some collectors refer to this as the Black Widow

Although the #ís match including the firing pin .. unfortunately the holster dates to 1940  :(

I would rank the finish at least 85% not bad for a old pistol  thumb1

Boy o' boy, you have some gems.

Very nice!  8) I like milsurps with honest wear from use. Thatís a beauty!


Thanks gentlemen , Iíve had this one for a while , turned out to be a great investment  thumb1

nice pistol!

i have a wwII dated luger , but its a russian refurb

it shoots great and i pair it with this non import marked 98k

 both shoot great


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