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Webley Mk IV from Singapore


Built in the United Kingdom and spent a number of years in the Malay Archipelago. This Mark IV Webley revolver is a WWII era design (which is an update of a WWI era design) in .38 S&W aka 38-200 in British terminology with their standard 200gr lead bullet. This is my first revolver from the famous Webley and Scott Firearms Co. and my first Singapore firearm.

The SPF stands for the Singapore Police Force. Singapore National Day is August 9, celebrating their independence from Malaysia in 1965. The serial number range dates to 1964-68 but it seems likely that this contract with Webley was placed after independence, so that narrows it down a bit. The safety is a unique aspect of these SPF revolvers.

Nice Webley, Jon.  They are surprisingly flat shooters, though I only had .38 S&W 158gr to shoot instead of the .38-200.  Could do head shots at 25 yards consistently.  It just ended up being one of those that I sold off.  I know where there's an Enfield and have considered it, but then I'd have to stock .38 S&W again bat1.  Again, very nice pistol.

Thanks Bruce  :)

I havenít shot the Webley yet but I have shot my Enfield No2 Mk1**. Like you, I only have commercial ammo with the lighter bullets. It is definitely fun to shoot with mild recoil. I expect the Webley will feel nearly identical.


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