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Pair of Norinco Type 54s

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I ordered 2 these Type 54 Tokarevs C&R back in March from Aim Surplus, each came with 1 magazine. I did get lucky and get both with matching star grip panels, some didn't have matching ones. I wasn't disappointed, looks like they have both been refurbed...somewhere, they are very tight to work the action on. Of course they had the safety feature installed on the trigger...kind of like a Glock..only even more pointless/useless in my opinion.. The serial number range I got was a 5 million from Factory 66 dated 1958 all the way to a 31 million series with no factory or date. The finishes between the two are also different, the early one is more of a parkerized finish, the later is more blued. Slide serial font and symbol impression changed as well. Both bores are good with some slight haze in the grooves. RGuns was the importer, they used a small mark on the bottom, not a huge billboard.

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Nice pair for certain! 

What spare trigger parts would you need to swap out in order to return the safety monstrosity back to factory stock? (or is that even possible?)

Been tempted to try to just remove it.. haven't had much time.

carls sks:
nice! your going to need a bigger safe.


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