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Colt Commando

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While Colt has put the "Commando" name on several products, this was the first.  This pistol has been in my family since WWII.  My Grandfather was a civilian electronics technician at Stapleton Army Airfield in WWII and worked on B17's, B29's and P61's.  How he ended up with this pistol I don't know, but my Father inherited it when my grandfather passed in 1951 (while my Father was attending Marine Basic Training at San Diego) .  Having received it from my Fathers Estate when he passed, I sent the serial to Colt and they verified that the pistol was part of a shipment sent to the Denver Police Department on June 22, 1943.  The pistol does have an Ordnance Acceptance stamp on the left of the bridge.   
As far as I know, the grips are original to the pistol since they have been on it since I can remember.  One of the few weapons I own that will never be sold.  Cheers, Bruce.

Very cool  8)  Great looking pistol and nice family connection thumb1

I've been looking at those. There were far fewer made than the S&W Victory models.

Very nice, Bruce!

Very nice!  What is the finish on it?

carls sks:
very cool and neat story. great to have a family heirloom.  thumb1


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