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WWII Remington Model 11 "Military Riot Gun"

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This section has been kinda dormant for a while, so I thought I’d post one of my military shotguns for those interested in WWII shotguns. I have a few but this is my favorite and I've owned it for more than a few decades. This shotgun is a WWII Remington Model 11 "Military Riot Gun". The design was patented by Browning but Remington was the only manufacture that made these for the US military during WWII. This one was produced in 1943 and has all the correct factory acceptance markings and military inspector stamps/proofs.

I’m quite certain this shotgun wasn’t used in combat. Although a WWII weapon the Model 11 “Riot Guns” were mostly used as Stateside guard weapons and not deployed in combat, so a lot of these show minimal wear and some were never used at all. Also, notice this riot gun doesn’t exhibit the typical features of a combat shotgun (e.g., provisions for bayonet, vented handguard, etc). The longer barreled Model 11s (26” and 30”) were often reconfigured and used for training aerial gunners. Also, some long barreled Model 11s resided in military gun clubs and were used for recreational shooting.

Holy cow!  :o That is the cleanest prettiest military shotgun I've ever seen!  thumb1

What is the barrel length on this version? 4 shell magazine?

Cool  thumb1 an Auto 5, American style, and to think, Winchester kicked Brownings design it to the curb. Wonder if they still regret that decision after all these years. rofl

I'd love to get a shorter barrel one day for mine. :)

Wow!    What a nice one!!

Man, I would love to have even a crappy condition one of these...

Very nice. That is a super clean sg. What is the choke on it?



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