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Government provided Civilian Defense Shotguns of WW2

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Gator Monroe:
What model Semi Auto 12Ga. Shotguns were given to Civil Defense/ Shore Watch volunteers & I've seen pictures of them with standard wood furniture  but Govt.contract or Military markings & stampings ... ?

Here, again, I did the work.....last time bro. bat1.

Gator Monroe:
Why Links ? Why not just provide me with your own personal knowledge ? (I'm going to tell you now I am not a linky kind of Poster ( If experience & Knowledge is not worth sharing here or if Links are demanded and opinions or actual personal input is not considered viable then just ban me now Because in 75 thousand + posts at 30+ Firearm Forum/Boards since 1994 I have posted a handful of Links & Pics and don't plan on ramping it up anytime soon .

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( Long haired country boy dancing the jig )  Thanks fellas, I can finally take my muck boots off now...It was getting awful deep around here.

We have a great group of guys here. Yall are much appreciated  thumb1 I'd share a coffee/tea/beer with any of ya. But that guy.....( if newbies are reading, respect is a wonderful thing and earned )


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