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Nam era Ithaca model 37

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--- Quote from: Dannyboy53 on May 13, 2015, 12:46:05 PM ---Greasemonkey I have a question for you that I can not find an answer to ANY WHERE so far. Do you know if a Winchester Mod 12 Trench gun barrel will fit the receiver of my Winchester 1200?

Not even two gunsmiths have been able to answer!

--- End quote ---

Oh, Danny, you know I like a challange thumb1. I'm working, but I will.find you an answer thumb1

Gator Monroe:
Is one a Gas Gun If so no a Pump barrel is not interchange able


--- Quote from: Gator Monroe on May 14, 2015, 09:26:03 AM ---Is one a Gas Gun If so no a Pump barrel is not interchange able

--- End quote ---

Google man, Google...or.Bing if your that type, enguage a search engine before mouth, thats what it's there for, it's why its called a "search engine".... 85% of all answers can be found in less than 3 minutes. thumb1 10% take maybe 10-15 minutes, the other 5%, oh, the fun :)

 The Mod 12 an update from the 1897, was fading out, about the early mid '60s, it was getting too expensive to keep producing with difficult to machine steel receiver, enter the.cheaper Mod 1200 with an aluminum reciever..  Mod12 is highly desired pump gun, and they are both pump guns.

Gator Monroe:
A new thread tree woulda been nice on Winchester barrel interchange instead of  threadjack Besplode

Pot, meet kettle.... If you showed little more repesct and common sense in some of your posts, I might have split these posts in to two seperate posts. But, running around asking "what kinda sling is that" on every rifle, has gotten old. If you have a valid question, by all means ask. There is alot of knowledge here, on many different weapons, a little common sense and respect could go along way in help and what not.

 I'm done with the fluff and it breaks down like this, if you want to earn respect, give some, if ya wanna be a wiseass for the duration of your stay, thats fine as well, but the second I or another Admin get another member complaint or I just get bored reading whimiscal posts about a whole lot of nothing, well, I know, the other Admins know, and you know your history elsewhere. Nuff said.


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