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Bubba and the .22
« on: October 24, 2022, 07:33:15 PM »
Bubbas work never done.

Here's an old group picture of most of Bubbas semi .22s, just missing a Scott Werx Gangster Tommy gun and a recently picked up rifle length 60 in blonde Monte Carlo wood with a Beeman fixed 4X32.
On the bottom is an AR7. They have a poor reputation with feeding issues, which is partially from folks using the mag as a hand grip/rest. On mine, I put a strip of sticky backed Velcro on the bottom of the mag well, to keep slight up angle on the feed lips.

I had a short plastic fore arm, that the barrel channel was the same profile as the AR7 barrel. I hogged out a chunk to allow for the lock nut & notched it to snuggly slide back on the receiver a little, then put Velcro on the barrel and in the fore arm bed. I put another piece on the stock, just behind the wrist, so when you broke it down, you could stick the fore arm to the stock, and stow the rifle as designed.

When assembled to shoot, the rifle is supported in a normal fashion. The set up works good, both mods helped to eliminate/minimize the jam-o-matic aspect. You can just make out the mods in this picture. I built it to throw in the flying machine, in case I had to make a forced landing in enemy territory :), like an Israeli pilot might.

Above it is a Nylon 66c, that was a basket case when I got it. No charge handle or mag. I think the previous owner/owners never cleaned it since it was new, and broke the handle trying to force the bolt open in the gummed up receiver. Thorough cleaning, new handle, some mags, period correct scope, GTG.

Next one is the 10/22 Pup with a different style brake. It's sporting a Tri-mag set up. You can't see it, but I glued a plastic disc with a hole drilled in it, on the windage adjustable rear sight. Turned it from a blade to a peep. On anything with a pistol grip, I usually put Hogue's rubber finger groove grips on, but since you have to split the this stock apart to clean, I used a piece of bicycle tube. It's actually a killer shooter.

On the side folder, I beveled down the folder shaft 45*, where your cheek rests against it shooting when extended. The bevel is tapered and cupped. Used to be an uncomfortable sharp edge on your cheek. I've since put it in a TechStar

Another tack driver Ruger, then carbine length tube fed Marlin/Glenfields. You can see how they would look M1ish with a hand guard and mag. I used to have one that Marlin made at one time. I've since put the top scoped Marlin in an ATI Drag, mostly to save the squirrel furniture.

Bubba think outside the box. Bubba's mind is a terrible thing to waste, must be stopped in our life time 8).
Bubba's cousin, Der Bubba mess with air cooled VW too. PAX

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