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The Brit's Other .455...
« on: January 05, 2020, 03:33:36 PM »
I picked this one up years ago at a vendor in a flea market, no less.  It was inexpensive at the time and since I reload, it is economical.  The round for it is the .455 Eley or the .455 Colt, both of which are interchangeable.  The casing OAL is .886" and, in a pinch, you can fire .45ACP (.890 case length) through her, though you have to resort to using a rod or pencil to get the casings out.  Since she has the same cylinder as the .45 Colt and its' inhearant strength, I've got the rounds loaded at around 850-900 fps for a 260gr LRN, way below .45 Colt pressures.  Colt book says she was made in 1915 and has Brit markings.  The finish is original, as is the Brit holster.  The bore has some pitting about 3" to 4" up, but for the most part is bright.   It was hard to find grips for her, so I eventually bought a pair that had broken heals and repaired them with moldable epoxy,  as seen in two of the pix.  Cheers, Bruce.

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Re: The Brit's Other .455...
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Very interesting and very nice!   thumb1

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Re: The Brit's Other .455...
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Larry likey!

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