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Forum Rules
« on: September 13, 2014, 08:49:18 PM »
First off, who we are:

We are a community dedicated to discussing, preserving, collecting, and shooting the SKS and other historic firearms. We are open for discussion that's unbiased and a place to share ideas.  Evidence is looked at from any and all angles without prejudice on a fair and equal level. Tolerance, open discussion, and patience will reveal the truth behind the history shrouding historic arms.

1.  It's simple, first and foremost, respect each other.  Be civil!! 


3. No unsafe acts, videos, or modifications.

4. Please no profane/obscene language, no condoning illicit activities, no racial intolerance.
  • This applies to the signature line as well, keep it below PG rated. Also, absolutely nothing about religion, race or politics in signature lines.
  • NO religious or political posts anywhere other than in their respective boards, unless it is something that seriously effects the hobby as a whole.
  • No demeaning of States, State laws, etc.  We all know some can't help where they live and/or can't afford to just pick up and move.
5. Try to stay on topic, do not thread jack. We know conversations can meander, but if it gets out of hand, either PM each other or we will step in and clean up the thread.

6. If you are a commercial seller/vendor of a product/advertiser, please contact a Board Administrator before posting your goods/services/product.
  • NO advertising in the signature or avatar lines.  These will be removed, with the exception of a known sponsor and authorization from an administrator.
  • Please don't use animated GIFs for your avatar.  They are distracting and waste resources.
7. Trolling(name calling/bullying/pushing buttons) won't be tolerated. A fun razzing is one thing, but taunting is another.

8. For the most part we speak English, not text-speak.  Mangling of the language through ignorance or laziness is unacceptable. Posts need to be intelligible.  Indecipherable posts will be erased.

9. For Sale sections, along with the rules section there, are caveat emptor and caveat venditor, both parties beware.  SKS-Files Administration takes no responsibility in any transfer of goods between members of this board.

10.  One account per person.  The first time we will warn and delete your second account.  The second time all accounts associated to you will be deleted and banned.

11. Smut, scantily clad babes and firearms don't really mix. This is a gun forum.  Whether it's old antique wood and steel or tupperware spaceage alien blasters, it's firearms.  If you want chicks, hot babes, thongs, and g-strings for your viewing jollies feel free to look elsewhere.  When you want to talk firearms, feel free to do so here.  Remember wives, children, the alphabet agencies, and others look over our shoulders and porn mixed with weapons sends out incorrect messages about collectors.

Please understand, if you get out of hand, like in real life, we will step in and solve the issue/end the issue. We will try our best to resolve any issue/disagreement, issue warnings, but in the end an administrator has the final say. 
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