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Title: JP Sauer & Sohn Western Marshall
Post by: Ret-Sarge on April 04, 2020, 09:06:05 PM
This is JP Sauer & Sohn Western Marshall in 44 Magnum, that I busted my cherry on, it was the first gun I had ever fired.

When I was a scrawny 9 year old in 1975, (Living at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho) my father put this beast into my hands and had me pull the trigger. The recoil along with my scrawny arms,  caused the gun to kick back, sending the hammer into my forehead. Busting my forehead wide open, was bleeding like a stuck pig.  Fast forward to September 2011, just before my dad passed away I inherited the beast.

I cannot for the life of me relax when I shoot it. Someone where in the back of my mind, I'm that scrawny 9 year old again everytime I shoot her. After about 12 shots, my finger is bruised and I'm done.

I guess the ammo I inherited with it didn't help either. I'm thinking they were reloads done for my dad, as he didn't reload. Every casing split across the base and up the sides, around 3/4 of them also blew out the primers. I'm assuming they might have be loaded hot. We blew through all 50 rounds that came with the gun.

The holster and cartridge belt has been with it since by dad bought it in Mountain Home Idaho.

Another 44 Magnum story.............

Different 44 Magnum, when we were stationed at Sheppard AFB TX 69-71, a man broke into our trailer. My dad popped him twice with the 44 Magnum he had at the time. Each shot entered approximately where each nipple is. The shots pulverized both of his lungs, his heart, snapped his spine and blew his back wide open. The Sheriff joked about it saying "Son, who done killed him twice". No charges, case closed there in the front yard. Turns out he had broken into several homes over several nights. That night he picked the wrong house.

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