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GOULD ENGINEERING Extended Mag Release Raffle!


Heres how the raffle will work.

Each $5 will get you 1 chance in the hat for the drawing.  If you spend $20, thats 4 times your name is entered into the drawing to increase your chance of winning.

Raffle prize is a brand new, never used, USA made Extended Mag Release for the sks donated by GOULD ENGINEERING.
For anyone that wants to get in on this raffle, you do so by going to your profile and select 'actions' then 'paid subscriptions' and select your amount. This will take you to Paypal. You can also simply click here.  :);area=subscriptions

If you would like to participate and are not able to use paypal, please contact an admin or mod to work out another method.

If/when you buy an entry, please post here in this thread and let us know how many entries your in for and that we know who you are.

In addition.. if you are currently not an sks-files contributor with access to the Clubhouse board, serial databases etc you will be after buying an entry.  All amounts gain lifetime status and do not expire. All proceeds go to the boards hosting and domain fees to keep this site alive.   Lower 48 states enter only please, I cant ship this stuff to Canada or half way around the world due to crazy international shipping costs.

Raffle will run until March 25th 2018 when the winner will be drawn.



Stange....  ONE person could have bought ONE ticket for $5 and had this item delivered.  senil1


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