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Swedish Model 1907 Manufactured by Husqvarna

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This is an FN Browning Model 1903 made by Husqvarna under license from FN as the Swedish Model 1907, aka M/07. It's chambered in 9x20mm also known as 9mm Browning Long...aka a nearly extinct cartridge, since the Model 1903 was the only pistol chambered in this round. FN made just under 60K of the Model 1903s and Husqvarna made around 90K of the M/07.

I picked up this pistol from Simpson's Ltd. a few weeks ago. This particular example was refurbished at some point during its long Swedish service and is in excellent condition. It was assigned to the 19th Infantry Regiment, aka Norbottens Regemente, with a rack number of 339, as seen stamped on the left side of the frame.

They are easy to disassemble: lock the slide, turn the barrel 90 degrees, release the slide and remove it from the frame, turn the barrel bushing 180 degrees and pull it out, turn the barrel back 90 degrees and slide it out of the slide. It has a 5" barrel which gives it that long look, and it weighs in at nearly a kg, so it's hefty. That's good, because it's a blowback design and has a reasonable amount of recoil for a relatively low power cartridge.

The ammunition is hard to find and expensive. I bought some modern ammo and took it to the range. It was actually quite pleasant to shoot, despite the older low profile sights. The magazines are just 7 round single stack. This explains the Swedish surplus boxes of ammunition that contain 28 rounds arranged in 4 rows of 7. The boxes of original surplus that I recently acquired were made 9/22/39, in the final days of the carving up of Poland at the outset of WWII.

I really like Husqvarna, as they make high quality firearms. My first Swedish Mauser was a Husqvarna M/38. The frame-slide fit is target pistol tight. The Husqvarna crown grips are beautiful. The backstrap safety only pops back when the pistol has been cocked and the frame safety can only be engaged when it's cocked as well. Overall, it's another fine John Moses Browning design.

The holster I picked up off of eBay and it is marked for the 16th Infantry Regiment (Hallands Regement), so not a match, but at least it's a Swedish army holster. I received an email from Sarco a few weeks ago that they had M/07 parts and magazines, so I bought three extra magazines and a couple of spare springs. Sometimes timing just works out.

Oooo la la... very very nice. I really like these pistols. I hope to own one myself some day. 

carls sks:
very cool, neat how everything (holster, mags) looks together.

So you need something like this...?

(Pictured with a empty 9x19mm Parabellum casing)


--- Quote from: Bob_The_Student on August 10, 2021, 03:48:31 PM ---Oooo la la... very very nice. I really like these pistols. I hope to own one myself some day.

--- End quote ---

Thanks man!  thumb1  :) I like anything Swedish, and anything Browning, so this is a twofer  rofl


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