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CVA Bobcat to Hawken


Bought a cheap CVA Bobcat from a friend of mine that needed some cash. I hate plastic stocks so I found a wood stock on Ebay cheap. It took some cutting, fitting and polishing, but I sure like the end result a lot better.

Nice job, almost like a restoration. You know, there is just something that sounds wrong when you put plastic and black powder/muzzle loader in the same sentence. rofl

Nice, turned a functional rifle into a looker  thumb1

I agree with GG, a plastic-stocked black powder rifle is an anachronism, like a Civil War era cannonball filled with C-4.

Nice  thumb1 brass and wood drool2

Least they didn't put a muzzle brake on it..... claiming it's for a faster follow up shot.  rofl2

Larry D.:
Well done Gashog. It looks infinitely better.


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