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Afghanistan Bringback P1853 Snider Enfield

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Pattern 1853 Enfield, with a 1863 lock plate, re-barreled with a Oct 1866 barrel for conversion to the Snider loading system. She's an Afghanistan bring back, and she has all the appropriate proof marks, and is marked II** (Meaning she was originally made as a muzzle loader, then had a new barrel installed converting it to a breachloader).

All markings are correct and appropriate, proving it's an original one versus a Khyber Pass copy.

You can make out the stock cartouche in the one picture, and you can see where the stock has shrunk with age letting the butt-plate stand a little proud of it. Speaking of the butt-plate there is some very faint Arabic script on it, so faint that it could be mistaken for scratches.

The sling swivel on the trigger guard, is a replacement done sometime in its past, although incorrect it's part of her long story. I thought about replacing it with a proper swivel but it's a part of her journey and story. She's ugly, but she's been there and done that more times than she was designed to do. A true testament to old world craftsmanship.

I've fired a few home made shells through her, using 24 gauge hulls, it was awesome to see and feel her belch fire.

The last picture shows an original 577 minie' projectile that the rifle was chambered in and an original 577 Snider-Enfield cartridge that the rifle was modified to take. I have an example of every round my weapons take for display purposes.

Larry D.:
Very cool!

Fascinating! Probably a participantís firearm from the second Anglo-Afghan War. Did you personally bring it back?

carls sks:
you do have a nice collection, thanks for sharing.  thumb1


--- Quote from: Phosphorus32 on April 03, 2020, 06:21:39 AM ---Fascinating! Probably a participantís firearm from the second Anglo-Afghan War. Did you personally bring it back?

--- End quote ---

Unfortunately I didn't bring it back, the Army troop who did sold it to me. By the time I thought about it, I couldn't find him at the gunshow to see if he still had the paperwork for it.


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