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Chinese Nationalist Hi Power

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I've known of this pistol for 24 years and owned it for about 10-12 total.  She's gone between two good friends and I for the 24+ years.  That said, I've finally been able to get some history on it, both book and anecdotal.   Early build for China (1936 or 1937?).  She was imported back in maybe the late 80's and distributed by Keng's.  She has all of the early features, early tangent sight, rounded barrel lug cut, stock cut, etc.  Very accurate (more so than I).  She is my bedside gun.  I think she's finally found a permanent home.


Nice!   thumb1


carls sks:
beauty, thanks for sharing.  thumb1

Wow, that's a beautiful High Power!  8) thumb1  A variant with the tangent sight is definitely on my bucket list.

I don't know how I missed this post Bruce! Definitely worth a necro-thread bump  :)


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