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A few weeks ago, I caught an open house at Taylors & Co.. a semi local cowboy shooters/black powder store. They usually have scratch and dent, returns, inventory clearance and bunches of black powder accessories during their open house.

I found this, a Uberti 1858 Remington New Army in .44,  it has what they call a black rock finish.... so basically it's old school powder burner with a nitride finish, very much like a Glock, and everyone knows how a Glock finish is, throw everything at it and it doesn't phase it. So I figured we would see how this works in the BP world.

After 18 nice, nasty, dirty loads through it, I cleaned it, on my normal brass/blued jobbers, it is usually quite a task to get one clean. This one cleaned up quick, in maybe in less than half the time... most of the powder fouling wiped right off, a quick soapy hot water scrub, oiled up and here she is.

And as a side note.. I have to give Taylor & Co props for some outstanding customer service thumb1  I broke the loading ram pivot link.. I called them and had planned on buying a replacement part from them, after all.. it was my stupid that broke that part and I even explained that to them... they sent me a replacement, it looked like maybe it was an updated part, free of charge, I got it in the mail 2 days after I called them.

Thatís a nice looking handheld smoker  thumb1

So whatís the perceived recoil like on those? How do you load them, are they clack powder cartridges?

Is that donkey-dong grip considered an evil feature?


--- Quote ---So whatís the perceived recoil like on those?
--- End quote ---

They are not bad at all.. alot depends on your loading.. in lower loaded end, I would equate it to maybe a 38 spl target load, full load I would equate it to a stout 380 or maybe a mid range 9mm. My .36 cal Navy in recoil....with it's max load, you feel it go off, I'd say it's more like shooting a .32acp or a Nagant pistol. But.. recoil is subjective to different people. On the .44.. I usually use .454 dia ball, they are 140ish grains, I have some heavier conicals, but never have tried them.

The Colt Dragoon replica I have, thats a whole nother beast, but the weight tames the recoil it alot. The one I posted above can handle a 30gr max load, where the Dragoon...your max is 50grains. The Colt Walker is even larger yet, it's max load is 60 grains, the two, the Walker and Dragoon were the largest and most powerful pistols ever issued by the US military. With a max load in either and you have probably surpassed a 1911 in power, both were only eclipsed in power by the smokeless 357 magnum in the '30s.

This is my Colt Dragoon...all 4 and almost a half pound of it. :o   Weight wise, it's the only other handgun I have that gives my Desert Eagle a run for the money.

--- Quote ---How do you load them, are they clack powder cartridges?
--- End quote ---

You hand load like in the old days.. the quick and dirty, I usually premeasure powder in advance, pour, press, repeat x 5 more, then do my caps. Everyone has a different method, some people will load up 2 cylinders and do a swap out when empty, but that necessitates a 2nd cylinder. You really cant over load using black powder or Triple 7, if you do, the cylinder won't turn because the ball sticks out some and gets hung on the forcing cone, and that sucks. bat1

This can explain loading methods more in detail..

Some of the newer models can in fact use conversion cylinders for normal cases, like .45 Long Colt or .38 Colt or even 38spl. They are plenty safe for the lower end cowboy or target loads or preloaded black powder cases. The last BP pistol I got, one can convert to .45LC..but it's a real pain, and easier, cheaper to just get one born for using case cartridges. Usually most that can handle the conversion are the steel framed revolvers, I have 2 brass frame revolvers I don't know if I would try the conversion, or if there is even a conversion for them.

--- Quote from: Loose}{Cannon on June 10, 2018, 02:14:31 PM ---Is that donkey-dong grip considered an evil feature?

--- End quote ---

Thats the loading arm, presses the ball into the cylinder.

 nea1  They are deemed primitive weapons, like antiques, rocks, clubs, pokey things and sticks... sorry.. no 4473 or transfer is even needed for black powder, just a proof of age. thumb1

Nope...    thats a tacicool pistol grip making it capable of full auto.


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