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I admit... buying a Desert Eagle and then reverting to this kind of 'ol school technology is a shock to ones system.. chuckles1   Taylors & Co had an open house 2 weeks which I had to go, and I admit, I have a weakness for a case hardened finish, brass and black powder, this .44 hit all 3 categories.. It does have a quick swap cylinder as well and can take a conversion cylinder(which I think I will skip), which is neat. If you had a pre loaded cylinder, it wouldn't take but a few seconds to swap it out, kinda like a prehistoric magazine swap. One thing I noticed with this one, which is a single action, it's the quality of the trigger setup, WOW, no slop, no creep, it's 100 times better than some modern production pieces I have tried. I would dear to say 3 to 3 and a half pound pull. 

I did spy a Colt Walker while there...almost did it, to go with the Dragoon I have. The Colt Walker is pretty the Desert Eagle of the black powder world, it weighs in at around 4lbs 8oz and is just under 16 inches long. Maybe next time.. :)

Nice!   thumb1
Do you do much black powder shooting?

I don't get to shoot them as much as I would like, it was one of those things.. living near where many Civil War battles took place and seeing many re-enactments kind of got my curiosity up, and I decided to try one, a .36 Navy was my first, and I loved it. It's a very interesting side to the hobby and it seems alot of people under estimate the accuracy and power of a black powder handgun.

The collection slowly grows... :)

Top is the .44 Colt Dragoon, .36 Navy and a long barrel .44 with adjustable rear sight, which is more accurate than I

This one I got a 45LC conversion for.. I didn't care to much for it after using it. And again...with the brass and case hardened frame :)

Again very nice!  In the last photo at the bottom of the pic, is that disc an adapter for causing the hammer to transfer the strike to the primers of the long colt cartridges?

I like that case-hardened finish  thumb1

A nice Damascus steel shotgun would look good next to it.


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