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Hi All,

So I'm running some errands yesterday, and of course set my route to include an LGS as the last stop. Wanted to know if he was up with the Kali lead ban, and would he be needing to move any tins because of it.

Said he was good, and asked me if I did black powder, and that he just brought in a few. I says no, but lets check 'em out anyway. They looked like they were store bought, not kits, or someone knew what they were doing, had a hollow ground driver set, and could do excellent wood work.

There were 3:
a flint lock, .50 "Traditions Hawken Woodsman" looking, modern sights, excellent
a percussion, .50 "Traditions DeerHunter" looking, excellent, if not for the missing chunk of butt stock heal, modern sights
an Uberti .44 revolver carbine, very good...but the cylinder and retaining pin were stuck.

Any hoo, he says X ducats for all 3. I says, so X each (X3=X). Yep says he. I says I'll take the Revolver Carbine X ducats, cash & carry... It was a good transaction, and I think you can get very expensive replacement cylinders that shoot metal boolit cartridges.

After soaking in Kroil all night, I was able to get it all freed up and cleaned this morning. Cycled through single action, advancing and locking up the cylinder, has a decent trigger. Looks pretty cool and fit my scabbard perfect. I wasn't going to take any pictures if it was going to end up a wall hanger. Here you go. PAX

Nice  thumb1
Please...repeat after me... "Tho shall not dry fire a percussion fired weapon"   chuckles1

You can damage your nipples, basically mushroom them and make them unusable, requiring replacement. Also, it's recommend to pull them and apply neverseize to the threads every so often if you plan on firing..remember your dealing with black powder, they will seize up.  If the urdge to dryfire is that bad  :) place rubber hose pieces over the nipples. Protect your nipples... thumb1

The Uberti at least, you can get, depending on the model, a cylinder for 45 Long colt, trust me, it's a pain to deal with, cool in theory. Your pretty much limited to cowboy loads, least what I was told in one of my many visits to this retailer in Winchester Va..  Great place to visit..lots of cool lever actions, cowboy action stuff and accessories.  Thats where I got my conversion cylinder and picked up another smoke blower.. :)
This is one I can convert from .44 to .45 Long Colt, you have to totally remove and disassemble the weapon to reload the cases.. After a few times of that crap, the novelty wore off, and I went back to regular black powder.

I love me some black powder...  thumb1


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