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Grandpas Workshop Musket

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I built this rifle from a kit back in the 80s with my Pawpaw. My grandfather was a ww2 USMC Iwo Jima vet who enjoyed woodworking, and I was lucky enough to spend alot of time with him learning. The musket is a 45cal percussion cap....  I shot it a few times back in the day, but its been stored away for a good 20+ years.   Just dug it out for a little show/tell.

Good bloody job mate.

Thanks for sharing that with us man. Awesome all around.

LC, I also built one of the CVA kits back in the seventies when I was probably thirteen years old.  Mine cost one dollar per caliber -- forty five bucks.  It taught me a lot, and I kept on it for several years, improving the mistakes I made when I was a kid. 

Those kits actually improved over the years to where they were right up there with the Thompson Center kits and rifles.  Don't hear much about them anymore.  I sure got a lot of education for the $45 bucks I spent. chuckles1  jd

Thats exactly hiw old I was, and that was 25 years ago.  :o

I remember the wood being twice the size it ended up being and getting it to be the same exact contours as the metal components was a nightmare.   chuckles1

It was like a 2x4 in a box that was roughly inleted.   ???


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