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South Industries Group
« on: January 06, 2016, 11:52:17 AM »
Very much like China North....  evidence everywhere as to what they can produce.

Jianshe arsenal /26\ we know completely stopped producing the sks in 1980 and was not rolled into Norinco in 1980. It was converted to produce motorcycles and later rolled into China South Indistries Corperation in 1999.  So any Norinco marking on a /26\ will obviously represent the enterprise that later exported it.

Breif history of Jianshe can be found on their site.

In August 1889, Emperor GuangXu in Qing dynasty approved the memorial by Zhang Zhitong-governor of Guangdong and Guangxi, establishing Hubei Firearms Factory in Hanyang which became the cradle of the modern ordnance industry in China.

In 1914, the factory was renamed Hanyang Arsenal.

In 1939, the factory was moved to Chongqing, becoming the leading national defense factory during the resistance against Japanese aggression.

In April 1957, the second factory became state-owned and was renamed Jianshe Machine Tool Factory.

In March 1958, Mao Zedong-the chairman visited the factory.

In November 1965, Deng Xiaoping visited the factory.

In June 1980, the development and production of motorcycles was initiated.

In June 1982, it started the cooperation with Japanese Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. And two years later, CY80 type motorcycles were put into production

"China South Industries Group (CSG)
Add: No.46 Sanlihe St. Xicheng District, Beijing China 100821
Tel: 8610-68594209
Fax: 8610-68526939,68963888
The China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC), founded in July 1999 is comprised of 76 companies. It's main civilian products are small cars and motors. CSGC is also very strong in researching and developing military products. It can be traced back to the Fifth Machinery Industry Ministry, Ministry of Ordnance Industry and Committee of Machinery Industry.

Prior to the reforms of 1998, five corporations and one ministry represented China's defense industrial base. In 1998, each of the five corporations split into two competing corporations in the shipbuilding, aviation, nuclear, ordnance and missile/aerospace arenas. The current organization of China's defense industrial base includes China North Industries Group Corporation (CNGC) and China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC). Each of these corporations have subordinate import/export corporations. These sub-corporations facilitate the import of technology and the export of commercial and military goods for profit. All of these import/export corporations have at least one branch office operating in the United States. The import/export corporations are China North Industries Corporation wich is 50/50 controlled by norinco and CSGC and [Group =orange]China Great Wall Industries Corporation.[/color]

China South Industries Group Corporation is a state-owned especially large and intemationally operating corporate established with the approval of the State Council of the People`s Republic of China and re-structured on the basis of the former China North Industries Group (NORINCO(G). It is an investment organization authorized by the State government and an operational body of assets.CSG is under the direct administration of the State Council and is separately taken care of in the state finance and planning. CSG is under the direct administration of the State Council and is separately taken care of in the state finance and planning.CSG is adopting the system of president taking responsibility and its President, Vice Presidents and Chief Accountant are appointed by the State Council.

Under CSGC, there are 64 large-and medium-sized industrial enterprises and 13 research institutes and other corporates, among which 4 own listed companies, It also holds 11.6% and 50% of shares respectively of North lndustries Finance Company Ltd. (NORFICO) and China North lndustries Corporation (NORINCO) which is the famous international trading company in the world. Taking the shape of "Combination of military with civilian products, Vehicles automobile as the backbone and All-Round development", CSGC takes a very important position in national economy and national defense modernization with its powerful capabilities in research,development,manufacturing and marketing of defense and commercial products as well as in personnel training. With diversified production lines as automobiles, motorcycles,parts and components for vehicles,construction machinery, chemicals, optics, electronics, photo-electronics and raw materials, CSGC takes the lead in China especially in the fields of mini vehicles and motorcycles.

Being continuously guided by the market and motivated by science and technology, China South Industries Group Corporation will totally implement the development strategy of large grouping, and large market with the advantages of its production lines and proprietary technology.

As of 2010 the Group Corporation owned more than 50 enterprises and R&D organizations such as Changan Automobile Group, Tianwei Group, Jialing and Jianshe, founded more than 30 production bases and marketing networks in the world and established strategic cooperation relationships with multinational companies like Ford, Suzuki, Mazda, Yamaha and Fuji. The annual sales revenue of the group is greater than RMB 200 billion, with the main economic indicator ranking No. 1 in national defense technology. It was listed in the TOP 500 enterprises in the world, ranking the 275th position. Nowadays, the Group Corporation has four industrial blocks namely special products, vehicles, new energy and equipment manufacturing. The special products are equipped on all armaments in China and play an important, fundamental and strategic role in national defense field.

As a vehicle enterprise group with the widest production bases in China, its vehicles occupy the No. 1 position stably and the group owns 9 production bases, 23 whole vehicle factories and 27 enterprises and has overseas bases in Malaysia, Vietnam, Iran and Ukraine, with the annual production capacity over 2.6 million sets. In terms of motorcycle industry, it is the largest motorcycle group in the world and has famous brands such as Jialing, Jianshe, Dayang and Qingqi, with the annual production capacity nearly 6 million sets. The market share of large transformer is higher than 10% and it is internationally leading in the field of ultra high voltage transformer technology. The Group has been in possession of wind energy and solar industrial chains and formed the triad core competitive advantage integrating wind, light and electricity."
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