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GB parts and misc rifles for Sept.
« on: October 04, 2015, 04:31:27 PM »
Item Link   Description   # Bids   Final Price   GM's Notes

502927364   Chinese SKS Barreled Receiver T56 No Russian parts   9   $41.00    "J" letter series stripped

504576075   Romanian M44 Carbine not SKS 91/30 No Reserve   3   $135.00    Ehh, not an SKS, but a Mosin thumb1, normal mismatch Romy, pretty decent price, chuck a bayonet on her, and let the fireballs fly  :)

504766172   Paratrooper SKS Factory 666 FREE SHIPPING   1   $66.66    Oh, come on,  cry1 now, I can't play with this one :), it's #%&@* very own Satan rifle, guess he needs to exorcize the demon from his collection  rofl2

505815129   SKS Norinco Barreled Receiver-W-Flash Suppressor   1   $99.99    416 1.7 million, flash suppressor  ::), the flash was working in the photos, so I guess it don't suppress much.

505970887   SKS Complete Barreled Receiver-With Bayonet   16   $120.00    'nother 416, a 29million, musta been a real late one.

505973331   SKS Threaded Chrome Lined Barreled Receiver-Sino S   1   $149.99    Uh oh, hold on Bertha, we head'in to the barn bat1  I think it is the first year of Chinese production because the letter preceding the 4 digit serial number.  :o :o :o

506263036   Chinese SKS Barreled Receiver T56 No Russian parts   5   $41.12    6 digit Chinese, I often wonder why no Russian parts?

506568700   Chinese SKS stripped Barreled Receiver 7.62x39   14   $36.00    11million /26\

506594329   SKS Threaded Chrome Lined Barreled Receiver /26\   1   $139.99    14 million /26\

506595793   SKS Norinco Barreled Receiver-W-Flash Suppressor   6   $129.99    1.8 million /636\, and another one of them flash suppressors, that didnít suppress the flash. chuckles1

506857911   NEW SKS Chinese Fiberglass Stock for Spike Bayonet   1   $31.00     banana time  Woohoo, the greasy stinky stock crate again, oh how I lust to smell that greasy thing  rofl

507090118   RUGER NO. 1 LIGHT SPORTER 7.62 X 39MM 11392 NEW FOR 2015 7.62x39 RETAIL $1449 NOT SKS OR AK47   1   $900.00    How does one look for a Ruger and get an SKS or Ak  think1 Cool and all, but maybe in a uber slammin death magnum capacity.

507159680   VZ 58 7.62x39 CZECH ORIGINAL BARREL Ak47 AK74 SKS   4   $700.99    This kinda created some movement.... not a very common find, an Ohio Rapid Fire build.

507380182   Chinese type 56 SKS stripped MINT bore   1   $100.00      2.5million /26\

507427836   Romanian M44 Carbine not SKS 91/30   2   $81.52     banghead1  dirty lowdown......Anyway, picture reuse, same exact photos as the other Romy M44 above. bat1  Kinda killed the mojo I had from getting a Mosin auction..

507903460   RARE PRE BAN MATCHING # semi-automatic Valmet,SKS,AK,AR,Garand,M-1,HK,   23   $1,230.00   Geeze, thats alot of different names for what it ain't, It's simple, SVT-40,  call it what it is, not what it ain' might have sold for more, it's a plumb colored bolt, a Russian refurb.. Preban? oh, imported before the Russian surplus was banned here, gotcha..

508971780   SKS Parts 1958 Romanian SKS Barreled Reciever   3   $65.65  This hits that certain soft spot, like animal cruelty, poor little naked Romy all alone in the world, all cold and naked. cry1  Yeah, I do have a heart, it's blue and pumps ice...but I got one. rofl

509071605   Romanian M44 Carbine not SKS 91/30   1   $175.55  OMG  pullhair1 pullhair1...a third reuse of the same exact rifle pictures, or, are there are three rifles with identical serials...  The mojo is completely gone now. fart1
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Re: GB parts and misc rifles for Sept.
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2015, 05:12:44 PM »
Wonder how many stocks are in a crate, and if he will sell the empty crate.   :P

506857911   NEW SKS Chinese Fiberglass Stock for Spike Bayonet   1   $31.00     banana time  Woohoo, the greasy stinky stock crate again, oh how I lust to smell that greasy thing 
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Re: GB parts and misc rifles for Sept.
« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2015, 11:06:40 PM »
Why are you including non sks rifles?

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