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Chinese SKS FAQ, HOWTOs, & Guides
« on: September 19, 2014, 06:59:25 PM »
This is the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and How To Guides for the Chinese Type 56 SKS Carbine.  This post will be updated and populated with information as time moves forward.

First of all, the link to the most comprehensive set of pages dedicated to the Chinese Type 56 SKS on the web:

When was my Chinese Type 56 SKS made?
Are Chinese SKSs Classified as Curio and Relics (C&R)?
What is my Chinese Type 56 SKS worth today?
Who imported the Chinese type 56 SKS?

How to identify a Chinese Type 56 SKS.
How to disassemble a Chinese Type 56 SKS.
How to clean a new Chinese Type 56 SKS covered in cosmolene.
How to properly adjust the sights on your Chinese Type 56 SKS.
How to trouble shoot failure to feed (FTF) and failure to extract (FTE) issues.
How to safely remove/install handguards

Chinese Arsenal Stamp Guide
Jianshe Arsenal /26\ Progression Guide
Recent CAI, IO Inc. and TGI Imports Chinese Type 56 Guide.
The Israeli Capture Guide
Newbie's Quick SKS ID Guide for use at the Gunshow!

Important Serial Number Tracking Threads (these threads are only viewable by members achieving Rifleman status or higher):
NON /26\ Serial/Arsenal Data Collection Thread
The Early Chinese Tracking Thread
Letter Series serial #'s
Israeli Capture (IC) Serial Collection
Other Rare Chinese Serials--> Soviet-Sino, 6m, 1.5m

Please feel free to ask a question as a reply to this post, but also note that all replies & banter will be deleted as they are answered to keep this thread as clean as possible.

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