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Range trip with Barnaul Mil-Spec
« on: August 04, 2016, 04:29:34 AM »
Recently we got some Barnaul Mil-Spec 123 gr FMJ and I tried it out yesterday. It rained most of the day but any day on the range is a good day! I really like this range, it's nice...well maintained and only about 32 miles from the house.

To the left front is the 200 yard range, beyond the wall are the two 50 yard pistol ranges, each with ten stations.

Never fired this stuff before but I'm impressed with it.

I started out firing the Russian at 50 yds and I threw too much of a spread initially. The next group was tighter but off to my right, my eyes aren't what they used to be! (Best excuse I could come up with)


I tried the AR at 50 yrds                                          Then at 100 yards, obviously the AR is capable of tighter groups than I am

I like this Barnaul stuff, it functioned perfectly in both my carbines and has the potential to be very accurate in the steady hands of a good shooter! It's lacquered and has a red sealant around the primers and the case mouth/bullet.

But I had fun in spite of the rain and having the range to myself all day!

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