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My first AR pistol 7.62x39


I decided to build an AR pistol. Picked up a Bear Creek Arsenal 7.5" upper and finally finished one of the 80% lowers I got several years ago. Did the lower on this older German wood milling machine I found in the trash. Crazy what some people throw away. The machine worked really well but I had to make smaller cuts and move slower.

Gotta hand it to ya, that's a nice looking pistola.

thats some next level Stuff there , nice job , had a chance to heat it up?

Nice job! thumb1

Thank you all for the compliments. Haven't had time yet to fire it. I have so many projects going on and I'm getting older and slower-haha. Hope to give it the "check ride" this next week sometime. I also have a Bear Creek 7.62x39 carbine that functions really well with any ammo I have fed it so far. Hope this one does just as well.


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