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new AR pistol build w/ binary trigger


Shoot The Refurbs:
Saw those binary ar pistol lowers on classic and said why not, it'll probably make a liberal cry somewhere  :))
went up to the gun show in OKC last weekend and got the rest. but will likely change out the pistol grip on it to something a little more comfortable.
Here she is for now.

put a 10.5'' pre built 5.56 upper with a 1/8 twist, traded out the standard black nitride bolt for a spikes nickel boron one, and haggled in an american flag on both sides dust cover that i swapped out. ordered the optic off amazon and is a Holosun HS403R.

Don't know about functionality of actually using the binary setting, but again its more of an 'i bought it as a toy' thing and it was between this and the flamethrowers Classic had for sale...  fart1
Ill get a range report up as soon as i get a chance, in the mean time anybody ever used one of these in the binary setting before? how did it go?
Feel free to post your AR pistol builds too, the functional and the weird, let's see em!  8)


Very nice sir.I assembled a dissipator several years ago,among others when I got a deal on several Anderson lowers.Nothing out of the ordinary basics,5.56,1/7 SS,Ni Bor bolt,mid gas,ALG trigger,A1 buttstock,SAW grip,oversize handguards.

I see this is a little old. I just finished a p[stop build recently. 7.62x39.

Put a Magpul grip on yours like Gashogs. It will dress it up nicely and "tightens" it up in your hand. All my AR's have the Magpul grip.


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