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Odball Yugo DMR
« on: June 05, 2020, 11:13:56 AM »
So a while ago I picked up this Yugo SKS with a mount base on the side. It looks like some sort of bastardization or mix between a regular PU mount base and the Yugo ON-2 mount base (yugo bases have the screw on the opposite side compared to the russian PU bases). Since its not an ON-2 or ON-2L pattern base I kinda gave up trying to find the original as it could just be a one of a kind type deal (Majority of the ON-2 SKS setups were done by many small armories and shops and have a lot of little variables between them). I just picked up a regular surplus PU mount, cut the top part off of the base of the mount, grinded down the base of the mount to fit the base that goes on the gun and then notched out various parts for a nice tight fit. I then drilled two holes on the base and then 2 more on the part I cut off. Then I cut the heads off some 6-32s and fit them to where the top and bottom would sit nice and snug while being flush with the base. I filled the holes with some jb weld then put jb weld where the two parts met and wiped up the excess. Only tools used was an Angle grinder, a bench grinder, and a drill press. How do you guys think it turned out?

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