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Detailed Comment I got really tired of owning nothing but nice Russian SKS. It's monotonous. I wanted a beater, a hiking gun, something I'm not afraid to thrash in the woods or dump 100 rounds downrange in an afternoon.

So I call up RM. He's known to be the trashy, dumpy, beater SKS magnate, the mogul of mangled Simonovs. So he scrounges around that trash can he calls a safe and pulls out a Yugo that he said has my name written all over it. He also says he ran it through the wood chipper, just to make sure the chipper was in functional order. "I'M IN! I'LL TAKE IT!" I exclaim.

He sent me the gun before I even sent him the money. I had the chance to abscond to Puerto Rico with his former POS but free Yugo but I passed on the opportunity. At any rate, I sent him the $46, which is twice as much as the thing's worth, and I'm happier'n a pig in slop with my new ethnic cleanser.

Deal with confidence.  A+ for RM

Comment by: Blicero
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