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Hello, here I present to you a collection of all of the Zastava (made and refurbished) 8mm Mauser actions. From left to right: M24/47, M24/52C, M98, M48, M48A, M48B, M48BO. If I can aid in any questions regarding specific ones or trying to compare and contrast; let me know.

Very nice, but why does the last one on the right have body oder?  :o dance2 dance2 chuckles1 chuckles1

Get it? M48 BO?

Sorry, too early in the morning and I haven't had enough coffee yet.

carls sks:
nice collection, thanks for sharing.

Very nice complete post-WWII Yugoslavian Mauser collection! Do you have crest (save the bez oznake) and rail marking pictures?

Working backwards to the earlier models, or finding the M48bo contract Mausers will be tougher searches.

Nice set you have there!  I've always wanted some flavor of M48 but never managed to snag one.  Maybe one day.  thumb1


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