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So, I'm looking at a couple of Fabrica De Armas, M15 and M16, Spanish Mausers that have been re-chambered into .308. I have heard that they don't always hold up well with commercial .308 but only the 7.62NATO rounds. Anybody have info on that? I am aware the headspace should be checked before used, just can't remember if there was anything else to be aware of.
Also, Are these the Mausers they make kits to convert to x39 rifles for?

I have a M1916 Spanish in 7.62.. I shoot the same ammo through it I do my Ishapore Enfields and have never had an issue. If and when I have put .308 through either, it's mundane nothing special White box stuff, I know I have shot several boxes of the Czech surplus S&B .308 through both, never the hot or potent hunting ammo. Over the years, I've never seen any change in head space. I believe the M1916 was also redone and can be found in 8mm Mauser at times, also the M1916 can uncommoinly be found redone as the FR 7.

Is there much difference between the M1915 and M1916?


--- Quote from: Greatguns on May 21, 2021, 03:49:41 PM ---Is there much difference between the M1915 and M1916?

--- End quote ---

Never heard of that.. Spain had a M1913 variant..just prior to the M1916, very, very low production and pretty uncommon compared to the rest of the variants. It was more of a field trial rifle.. but Spain went from the M1895 almost straight to the M1916 with only that little bit of the M1913..

Pics don't give me good arsenal stamp info to tell, just what the listing said. I'm thinking he either missed typed and got a 5 for the 6 or he meant M1913. I'm bettin' a typo on the M1916 though.


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