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I bought this at an auction for $1K it was described as "the Holy Grail" and "rarest of the rare" Turk Mauser. Since they put it in the title I new it was true and had to have it.

Seriously, I wanted one and there is nothing special aside from matching numbers. The stock I think is not original for a Turk but I'm posting so I can learn. So tell me what you think, besides the bluing be absent in several areas.  :))

Numbers match on barrel, bolt, all parts front sight and of course the receiver. Chamber is stamped 7.91. Description said bore was worn but looks pretty good to me hopefully I don't have tumbling bullets. Rifling looks decent. Cleaner it all up and it has some crescent moon stamps on some parts.

Just a few photos...

That looks like a Model 1905 Carbine that was updated during the 1930s at ASFA (Askari Fabrika, military factory) to the "1938" standard, i.e., rechambered from the original 7.65x53mm to 7.92x57mm, as evidenced by the notched receiver ring for the longer cartridge. Have you measured the barrel length, should be about 19" if it's a carbine. This is a large ring Mauser. The original Model 1905 would have had a full length wood stock. The replacement stock could have been done in Turkey during the update, or post-import in the US, it's hard to say with certainty. If that bayonet lug fits a standard Turkish bayonet (still fairly inexpensive, $30-50), I'd vote for done by the Turks, since that was one of the features standardized during the updates. The carbines and short rifles are more uncommon than the ubiquitous Turkish long rifle Mausers.

That is a cool rifle. 

Larry D.:
Can we see more of the sling, please?

OK, good info so far. Let's get this all figure out. I will post requests in a little while.

Larry, I had to tell you I was laughing my ass off reading your signature saying :

Thou shalt not test me.
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