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Mauser? Helping a friend, what do we have here?

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A good friend found this rifle in his Father-in-laws closet.  It looks like some kind of Egyptian Mauser. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks guys.

Turkish Model 1893 Mauser. Nice that it has the original Turkish script on the side, I assume nothing on the top of the receiver ring, and no notch in the small ring receiver. The notch was for the longer 7.92x57mm conversion done by the Turks. The original chambering was 7.65x53. If it really is still in 7.65 that's a fairly scarce Mauser.

Figured this was going to be a Phos question, LOL. You didn't let me down Jon.

Thanks guys. Here is an additional picture. What do you think it may be worth, what price range?

It's missing the slide for the magazine cutoff (though it's rare to find one with that). The stock looks like it was sanded or over-cleaned, because, from the pictures, the magazine looks proud of the wood. If it's still in 7.65x53 as I suspect, and I'm mistaken about the stock being sanded, then it's worth in the high hundreds, perhaps higher, maybe  ??? I haven't priced them, so I really don't know for sure.

Any import marks?

Edit: “high hundreds” isn’t very clear. I meant many hundreds, perhaps $500-900


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