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M 48 on the hunt

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Hey guys...

Took this little gem out to sight in this past weekend as I was invited to go dear hunting at a friends farm and thought I would use a milsurp instead of my winchester 3030.  Any one else like these rifles?

And here I was expecting to see the Uber rare M48 Albanian SKS. rofl

Anyway, not much on bolt actions, but always had an appreciation for the M48s, and you have a nice example of one. Now go get that deer!  :))

Nope nea1  rofl   
thumb1 thumb1  Highly underrated Mauser. I know full well a deer would be no issue. Nice looking M48, stripes drool2

I have an M48A, a beat up but wonderfully accurate M48B and a sterile M48BO(don't look at my Vz.24).....  have an M24 and a Yugo K98/48 too.

Love my M24/47.  First bolt action milsurp I ever owned and second gun I ever bought on my C&R.  Took it elk hunting a while back and though I didn't get anything, would not have hesitated to take any reasonable shot with it.   Nice looking M48 BMont! thumb1

Nice!  thumb1 Nothing wrong with the Yugoslavian Mausers. I have a couple of M48bo rifles and a Cherry's M24/47 (and a Model 1899c on the way). For years they have not commanded the prices that other Mausers have, but now that they've disappeared from the primary distributors and are strictly on the secondary market, their values have risen.


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