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I tend to lean towards rifles that are calibered in 308. I love the little FR8's but there don't seem to be many available when I've searched on GBer and Legslist. Were very many imported into the US or are folks just keeping a hold of them? I owned a couple a few years back and paid $200 each. I had to sell them a long time ago and decided I'd start collecting them again. I picked up three more recently averaging around $400 each, but traded one for a 1923 Tula Dragoon. They're sweet little shooters. I just wonder where they're all hiding?

I can tell you where....3 more are hiding :)

Like nearly all the other milsurps, they’re in people’s safes/closets/rooms/trucks  ;) They pop up, but certainly not like M91/30s that were imported by the tens or hundreds of thousands.

$400-450 is a good price for an FR-8. The Spaniards were almost like the Turks; if the receiver is still good, make the latest rifle variant from the previous generation :)

I'm now seeing prices on these little FR8's running upwards of $750-$800. Thats nuts!


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