Author Topic: Stevens (Savage) Model 5100 side-by-side 12-guage 2 3/4" double-barrel shotgun  (Read 1795 times)

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On the left side of the receiver is stamped:


On the lower left of the stamping is a stamping/engraving of what looks like a lab retriever sniffing and pointing out a downed fowl.

On the right side of the receiver is just a 5100 stamp just slightly behind and below the right breech.

I cannot find any serial number stamp.  Does anyone know where I might find that?

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It predates the GCA1968 where serial numbers are required, so there possibly isn't a serial..  I have an old Stevens singleshot with no serial. The Savage/Stevens name was produced in that factory between 1920 and 1960, when that plant closed and moved to Westfield Mass.
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If it is not on the outside bottom front of the receiver then I think it will be on a tang or flat area of the inside part of the receiver once you break it open. It may be old enough not to have one though, as GM mentioned.
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