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Russian SKS / Re: 56 hardwood
« Last post by jstin2 on Today at 02:14:00 PM »
running-man, I have to agree with you about the stock. It looked suspect to me also. No cartouches on stock along with the way it was finished around S/N. The early magazine also stumped me.
Why are you picking on me and my 3-point bucks?  You don't need as many Mak bullets to drop them!

And no, I won't be firing.  No need to risk breaking those grips, which are a big part of the value.  I didn't get it at a yard sale, but I did get it at a show for standard import Makarov pricing, if that helps!

Besides, I have  cheap P64 if I really want to bruise my hands.  Man, does that mother kick.
All the rest / Russian, HK G3, FAL, M249, SKS.... All in one!
« Last post by xtriggerman on Today at 01:09:11 PM »
 Been fiddling around with this build lately.... I'll get an update pic when done. These are pretty cool when built with a real hammer fired FCG. This one has a HK91 inside.

2 SKS parts here, the latch spring is obvious but the bayo hinge, not so much.....

Russian SKS / Re: 56 hardwood
« Last post by running-man on Today at 10:28:03 AM »
That's a Westrifle 'custom original' stock.  You can usually spot those from a mile away they are so different from your typical as-issued or refurb stocks.  The mag stamping looks suspect to me.  With Westrifle, who knows?  Nice gun all in all though.  thumb1

Russian SKS / Re: 56 hardwood
« Last post by carls sks on Today at 08:23:32 AM »
very cool, never saw one. thanks for sharing.  thumb1
Russian SKS / Re: 56 hardwood
« Last post by Justin Hell on Today at 07:38:17 AM »
You mean a t45...

Yes, there were black bayos.  Commonly thought to be result of refurb.

I think he means it is a 1956 Russian.

Correct me if I am wrong, but are there not two types of black bayonet, one that has a deep shiny bluing...more like a black chrome...and others that appear to be painted black. The painted black ones would seem likely to be refurbished, nicked up blasted grey bayonets...but the 'black chrome' ones appear to have been like that in the first place.   Most I have seen appear to be the painted type, few and far between the shiny ones show up....but much less frequently.   Many of the painted ones have nicks where the blade meets the stock ferrule....something that doesn't seem possible with the black chromed ones.
Russian SKS / Re: 56 hardwood
« Last post by Loose}{Cannon on Today at 02:05:56 AM »
You mean a t45...

Yes, there were black bayos.  Commonly thought to be result of refurb. 
Oh yeah !!  Spring has sprung in Maine and here come the garage sale finds .. Oh Boy.. Here we go again..  That's an amazing find ! Specimen !! as some would say. clap1. Hey its an Izzy !!  Have you shot it ? Probably need your readers to see down the pipe so be careful. And don't post up a pic standing next to a 3 point buck holding that thing this winter..   chuckles1 chuckles1  really cool Makarov thumb1                   
Russian SKS / 56 hardwood
« Last post by jstin2 on May 22, 2018, 07:58:48 PM »
Here is another SKS oddball. It has a black bayonet, stock is stamped different(??) and an early design magazine but with the proper S/N. All S/Ns are matching. I have seen black bayonets on some carbines sold at Cabelas but the early magazine is puzzling. Did they find a unstamped early magazine and put S/N on it? Mag does not look scrubbed. Magazine is internally pinned to 5 rounds.
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