Author Topic: Texas Firearms featuring the SKS SRR Magazine release.  (Read 3075 times)

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Hey SKS fans,

My name is EJ!  I designed and manufacture the SRR Super Rapid Release.  This mag release works with any detachable duckbill mags.  Plastic or steel.
The SRR allows for true one handed mag changes just like the AK47!  It will really make your SKS run!!!
The Installation of the SRR is quick and easy.  See it on our website.
Each SRR comes with easy to use instructions and supplied Allen Wrench for Installation.
I sent a SRR to Tire Iron for his review of the product and he made a video on it, then made a second video. It was awesome guys!
Ya’ll come check out my website to see the SRR Video and Tire Iron’s YouTube video with his opinion and comments about the SRR along with other products that we will be adding.
I would really like to hear your input on the SRR and any other ideas you may have.  If you are looking to modify your SKS or any other firearms we can talk.  I would love to hear from you. 

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Great to have you here!

Guys, I would really urge you to check out his products. His SRR mag release is very nice and would be a PERFECT match to a marcus mag adaptor.   thumb1

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Purchased one of the SRR and installed on my SKS. Now my SKS is fun to shot. No more two handed operation of changing the mag. With the low cost of ammo for the SKS I enjoy shooting it more than my 10/22 which 22 ammo has gone up. If you're looking to have a more enjoyable experience with your SKS and not fumble around with stripper clips or two handed mag changes, then I would get a SRR from Texas Firearms.  thumb1