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Chinese SKS (Military) / Re: Finally got another SKS...
« Last post by SubCaliber on Today at 12:02:42 PM »
Understood.  :) I knew it was nothing truly collectible which for me is good because I won't feel bad about putting a lot of bullets through it.  If it runs as good as it looks I will be super pleased.
It'll be interesting to see how she shoots in original config with a proper cleaning.  It could be that all the aftermarket stuff was ill fitting and simply didn't agree with it.  thumb1
Thanks i was at my local range with my 51 BBQ refurb russian . And the seller had his yugo and told me about  his bad russian sks that he was going to call and find out how to dispose of??. So i guess i need to go to the range more often.
Chinese SKS (Military) / Re: Finally got another SKS...
« Last post by running-man on Today at 11:25:21 AM »
"Not nearly as common" would be analogous to this gun being a white 2016 Honda Accord while the pre-Norinco guns would be white 2016 Toyota Camrys.  Plenty of each compared to some of the more uncommon Chinese guns out there. 

Fit and finish on the 25+ mil (1980 and onward) guns are typically outstanding though as your example shows.  Very nice get right there!  thumb1 (though she looks a bit naked w/o a bayo)
Chinese SKS (Military) / Re: DP SKS
« Last post by running-man on Today at 11:20:04 AM »
Hippie has a way with words doesn't he?!  Almost as bad as the enabler, but he makes you think the decision is all your own when in reality we all know that this was decided long before you posted the question!  chuckles1

I'll throw this out there for you:  Out of 1149 Chinese type 56s that changed hands on gunbroker last year, only 13 were DP varieties...

If you do decide to make a play at it, make sure you look it over well, the build quality on these is nothing to write home about.  Good luck!  thumb1
Chinese SKS (Military) / Re: DP SKS
« Last post by armedhippie on Today at 10:59:37 AM »
Definitely an interesting variant to collect and with all the different DP+( city code)....easy to rationalize collecting  :)) Also they will have the "bulbous" style gas block so....another reason you "just have to have 1"  :))

Most do seem to be on the rushed/lower end of the 1's I've handled and seen but I lucked out on my DP as it's on the high end of build quality. A lot of cast parts but finished well.

If the price is right, I say go for it  thumb1 Then again....If your looking to be talked out of a SKS purchase....well...  rofl
Chinese SKS (Military) / Re: Finally got another SKS...
« Last post by SubCaliber on Today at 10:55:34 AM »
I dod not know that.  I am always learning something here.   8)   The fact that it came with 1000rds of Wolf should make for a fun time with it.  :)
Chinese SKS (Military) / Re: Finally got another SKS...
« Last post by Power Surge on Today at 10:31:08 AM »
I think that's still really cool. Those 80s military SKSs built after Norinco was unified are not nearly as common as their pre-80 counterparts.

Very nice  thumb1
Chinese SKS (Military) / Finally got another SKS...
« Last post by SubCaliber on Today at 10:10:01 AM »
Well I've wanted one for a while to keep my Yugo company and the opportunity and the timing finally coincided and I picked myself up a nice Chinese SKS.  A 27 million SN 416 Arsenal.  It appears to be all but unused and the previous owner said it's essentially been sitting in a safe for 25 years and after having bought 1000 rounds of ammo for it meaning to get to using it a few years and realizing that was sitting too he decided to get rid of it.  I haven't fired it yet but I've taken it down and it looks GTG.  So hopefully next weekend....

Nothing super collectible I know but she should be a fun shooter which is what I wanted.  :)
"Deal of the month" winner, and a "deal of the year" candidate.

Over $80 in Yugo parts and a free Izhevsk  :o  dance2
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